No link seen between cell phones, brain tumor | Reuters

No link seen between cell phones, brain tumor | Reuters.

Looking at data on more than 2.8 million Danish adults, researchers found that those who’d used a cell phone for 11 to 15 years were no more likely than newer users or non-users to develop an acoustic neuroma.


The problem with all of these studies is that they can only show — or fail to show — a correlation between cell phone use and brain tumors. They do not prove cause and effect.

The study focuses specifically on acoustic neuromas, one type of benign brain tumor.  Although benign, it can still cause many health problems and even death.  Researchers used this type of tumor because they typically grow in the same area that the most energy is emitted by your cellphone (behind the ear).

Unfortunately, the verdict is not fully out.  The study does not necessarily prove there is no causal link, but it is a comfort to know that there was no statistical correlation.  There are also many other types of tumors in the brain and this is simply a study on one of them.

NeilS — Although this is not the panacea of all studies, it does comfort me to know that when I talk on the phone so long that my ear hurts, I am probably not putting myself at too much risk of this type of tumor.

So for all you cell phone addicts and junkies out there, this is one more health defect you can check off your list.  Considering that there are 5 billion cell phone subscribers world-wide, we probably owe it to ourselves to check into all the possible health issues that relate to usage.  At least we know what will happen to the earth if some horrible link between health and cell use is found and we all drop dead (refer to the previous post — A World Without Us).

Out of curiosity, even if some vague correlation was found where a few percent of people suffered from brain tumors, would that keep you from using your cell phone as much?  Would you be the first one to develop the “anti-tumor” cellphone case?  Hmm…. speaking of that…I have to go to the patent office…

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